Relocation Today’s travel partner, Blue Ribbon Travel has put together a July Newsletter that is chalk-full of great information if you are traveling or even thinking about traveling.  Information on travel restrictions for airlines, hotels, rental cars, and understanding what the difference is in Quarantine/Government quarantine and Self-isolation/Self-quarantine?  There is a link below that will bring you to the full newsletter.

Thinking of Traveling in the U.S.? These States Have Travel Restrictions

Nearly half of the states have strict measures in place for visitors, from mandatory testing to quarantine requirements.

Americans are planning millions of trips this summer within the United States, according to a forecast released by the AAA in June. But packing a face mask and hand sanitizer aren’t the only things these travelers need to consider, as nearly half of the states have restrictions in place for visitors, from mandatory testing to quarantine requirements.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is continuing to caution against travel, both internationally and within the United States. For those who do take a trip, the C.D.C. recommends people wear a face mask in public, wash hands frequently, avoid touching their face, keep six feet from others, cover coughs and sneezes, and use drive-through service and curbside pickup at restaurants and stores.

Below is a link listing a summary of current restrictions in the United States for leisure and business travelers. Some municipalities or counties may have more stringent restrictions. With the number of coronavirus cases surging across the country, check the areas you plan to visit before you travel.

State by State Travel Restrictions

Read the Full Blue Ribbon July Newsletter



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