Many companies understand the employee risks associated with more traditional forms of mobility, such as long-term assignments and permanent transfers. Here, they may provide tax and immigration support to make sure the employee remains compliant with Home and Host country legislation. But, in this new world of stay-at-home workers, what should companies consider in determining their level of employee support? In this month’s newsletter, we consider how these changes to the workplace impact an employer’s duty of care, highlight areas of risk for remote workers, and provide a framework for moving forward in developing an appropriate “work anywhere” policy for your organization.


Author: Gina Chang

gina-changGina has been with GTN since 2011 and currently serves as Manager in GTN’s Pacific region. She has 17 years of experience in the world of international tax preparation and consulting. She enjoys working with companies with growing mobility programs and assisting clients in setting up successful processes for their newly established programs. Gina always finds the opportunity to teach those not familiar with the expat world to be very fulfilling.