Whether you are recruiting or moving employees around the globe or interested in establishing a comprehensive relocation program that aligns with your corporate values and ensures compliance with all U.S. and foreign policies, trust the relocation specialists at Relocation Today to handle every detail of the move. When you choose to outsource your relocation services to an experienced group like Relocation Today, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Improved policies that are competitive and align well with current trends and mobility practices
  • Cost-effective solutions to manage and monitor expenses related to relocating employees
  • Ongoing compliance with U.S. & foreign laws, regulations, and rulings governing the industry
  • Delegating relocation administrative tasks to an industry expert
  • A full array of relocation services and customized services as needed

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What Sets Relocation Today Apart?

When choosing Relocation Today, you will receive a dedicated specialist to help coordinate all of the moving pieces of the relocation. You will also be supported by a diverse team of professionals committed to implementing our guiding principles. Clients, as well as your employees, will appreciate our vast number of services and the following differentiators that make Relocation Today so unique in our industry:

  • A true single point of coordination from beginning to end
  • Happy employees – laser focused on creating a positive customer experience
  • Industry leading expense management services –only 12 annual invoices and employee reimbursements are processed within 2 business days.
  • In-house policy expert to keep you competitive and current with mobility trends and practices



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Advanced Technologies to Enhance Your Relocation Offerings

Companies looking for a competitive edge to improve their global mobility program benefit from Relocation Today's advanced technologies. Using NaviGo, Human Resource departments and employees have 24/7 access to real-time data through an easy-to-use web portal platform. Transferees are able to submit and monitor their expenses either through the portal or our Relocation Today mobility app, and stay connected throughout their relocation.

NaviGo Client Features Include:

  • New move authorizations
  • Access to employee data, documents, & notes
  • Seamless configuration specific to your business
  • Client specific data tracking
  • Customized and standard reporting

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An Extensive Network of Professionals

Relocation Today works with companies to develop and implement White Glove Destination Services. The employee's experience is at the heart of driving these options for destination services. If you are looking to elevate or expand executive services, Relocation Today offers custom offerings, which can include:

  • Arrival and temporary housing add-ons
  • Family/Partner assistance
  • Education/School consulting
  • Maid service to help unpack and organize
  • Car Services

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