No matter your role within an organization, there may come a time when you need to consider outsourcing your company’s relocation services—or need to explore other mobility related solutions or resources. Relocation Today has the experience, knowledge, and passion to serve as well as to think out of the box in support of our clients. Learn more by clicking on the management services listed below.

One Size Doesn't Fit All

At Relocation Today, we understand this statement and offer a level of personal care that is beyond compare. By staying mindful of cost-effective measures—as well as the people involved—we successfully create personalized programs that meet each company’s needs and circumstances.

Full Outsource

Creating a Positive Employee Experience Every Time

At Relocation Today, we offer a level of personal care that is beyond compare. Your employees will receive a dedicated, single point of contact every step of the way. Being involved from beginning to end, we create a personal experience that employees remember well past their move. Relocation Today will work with you to build a fully outsourced program that will accomplish both company and employee objectives.

Benefits of fully outsourcing your relocation program include:

  • Employees feel a sense of organization and advocacy—reducing stress and increasing productivity
  • Consistent administration of relocation benefits
  • Established network of suppliers experienced in working with relocating employees
  • Robust expense management, including budgeting, cost estimates, reimbursements, direct billings,  gross up, and 12 annual invoices
  • As an extension of our clients, we are dedicated to retaining the talent you work so hard to find
  • Providing industry trends and updating policies as needed/desired at no fee
Recruiting Support

Recruiting Support

Recruiters will appreciate the added benefits of Relocation Today’s recruiting support program that showcases the community, artfully and succinctly arranges comparative data, and shuttles your new recruit safely back home.

Our recruitment assistance program includes:

  • Pre-decision consultation to address any concerns and interests
  • Custom-designed area tour, including the community, schools, and housing
  • Informational resources for both renters and home buyers
  • Cost of living comparison for internal use
Group Move Services

Group Move Services

The first step in any successful group move is to understand the dynamics and goals of the move. Relocation Today gets involved early on in the process as a strategic mobility partner to help with preliminary research, identifying possible obstacles, and coordinating standard requirements and special needs.

As part of our group move management services, we provide:

  • Customized policy development
  • Onsite seminars reviewing benefits
  • Cost of living comparisons
  • Informative destination area information
  • Quality national mortgage programs
  • Rigorous supplier selection

Relocation Today's single point of coordination will remain the service delivery method. Employees will have one account manager who will manage your move from start to finish. Your primary account manager will be the lead and will be supported by additional account managers assigned to assist during the group move.

Rotational Programs

Rotational Programs

Relocation Today can support and design any type of rotational program based on your organization's specific needs. With our one-point-of-contact model, we maintain a single, dedicated contact for all your relocation needs for the duration of the assignment, allowing us to build trust and provide consistency throughout each rotation.

Lump Sum Management

Lump Sum Management

One of the biggest challenges of company-administered Lump Sum programs is that the employee or candidate does not receive payment until after they have started in their new position. This scenario often causes difficulty for many relocating employees having out-of-pocket expenses. If you are providing a lump sum assistance—there are some solutions that won't break the bank. Relocation Today can distribute payments very early in the process—once authorized, a check or ACH wire can be set up and sent. Another option available is to have our experienced team of relocation experts administer this capped amount benefit to ensure your employees utilize their relocation dollars effectively and efficiently. We can work together to customize a program that will work for you.
Supplier Management

Supplier Management

By partnering with Relocation Today, you have access to a host of professional suppliers from each area to assist in the relocation of your employees. Our partner network is made up of engaging, high quality suppliers who are willing to think outside the box and deliver best in class services at fair prices. We look for suppliers who embrace the same high-touch service that we provide. These alliances are performance-based and are positioned to end without notice, should service not meet expectations. Suppliers do not pay a fee to become a Relocation Today service provider; it is a privilege earned through demonstrated service-excellence.
Intern Housing Management

Intern Housing Management

If you are an intern program manager planning an upcoming summer internship, you may be all-too familiar with the hassle of coordinating student housing. From locating and securing properties to collecting rent and matching each student with the right roommate, there are intricate details that go into the creation of a successful intern program. With Relocation Today coordinating all of these details and many more, interns will be impressed from day one, resulting in high quality recruits come Fall. Our comprehensive intern housing assistance programs are designed in partnership with you and include the management of housing concerns, such as:
  • Securing all properties
  • Signing all leases
  • Pairing roommates
  • Collecting rent
  • Paying properties
  • Billing intern for monthly proration

Discover Customized Relocation Management Services

If you are considering outsourcing your company’s relocation management services, we can help you make the process simple and effective.

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