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Start off on the right foot by working with our relocation specialists to fully define your key objectives in a U.S. domestic mobility program. Through a thorough implementation process, we will identify and build processes resulting in a highly effective road map that serves your organization and employees. Our experience shows the key factors to a successful mobility program include: Communication, quality and breadth of services, customer experience, managing costs and expenses, and a robust technology platform. These are our strengths and what you can expect when you partner with us.

Here with You Every Step of a Domestic Relocation

Relocation Today is devoted to creating a positive experience for each transferee that is assigned to our care. We accomplish this by delivering relocation services on a model of single point of coordination that guides employees through their relocation from start to finish. This starts with effective and clear communication. A thorough needs assessment is conducted to uncover any areas of concern about the move. From there, we will lay out an anticipated timeline of events and answer any questions. Based on high scores in client satisfaction and retention, this model is proven to be rock-solid.

U.S. Domestic Services

U.S. Domestic Services

Whether you are looking to offer a full relocation benefit, fill a need for a specific service, or provide a set budget to allow your employees the flexibility to select services that are important to them, Relocation Today can provide you with a first-rate solution for your U.S. Domestic moves.

Services used as building blocks for Relocation Today’s customized U.S. Domestic Relocation programs:

Origin Services
  • Pre-Decision
  • Household Goods Transportation –including:  Storage, Container & Self Move
  • Auto Transport
  • Pet Relocation
  • Lease Break
  • Home Sale Programs
  • Property Management
  • Relocation Travel Assistance
Destination Services
  • City Tours
  • Cost Of Living Assessments
  • Temporary Housing
  • Home Finding - Buyers
  • Rental Assistance
  • Mortgage Assistance
  • Destination Assistance
  • White Glove Services
Expense Management

Expense Management

For many corporations, the financial details of moving employees may seem daunting at first. But by partnering with Relocation Today, companies benefit from our well defined and industry leading expense management solutions that categorizes and tracks every expense all while keep your company IRS compliant.

Knowing out-of-pocket expenses can be a hardship on many employees, Relocation Today sets up direct billing whenever possible. When employees do have expenses to be reimbursed, they can easily submit them via our online portal, app, or e-mail. Regardless how they are submitted, we process them quickly! Our target is to have them processed within 2 business days—currently it is less than 24 hours.

Additional Features:

  • Cost estimates
  • Consolidated monthly invoices
  • Gross-up methodology counseling
  • Gross- up calculations
  • Year-end tax summary report
  • Robust financial reporting
Policy Consulting

Policy Consulting

In today’s competitive marketplace, a well-established relocation package will attract and retain the best and brightest employees out there. However, if your current policy is outdated, confusing, or has not adapted to new trend or changes in tax laws, it is time to refresh.

Working with Relocation Today will help you avoid these obstacles. Our team is lead by our in-house industry experts and will evaluate your current relocation benefits, corporate culture, organizational structure, and reporting requirements, so we can develop a customized mobility program that is flexible, competitive, and in perfect alignment of your organization’s goals.

Areas Relocation Today Can Provide Insight, Recommendations, and Value:

  • Benchmarking similar companies and industries
  • Assessing your use of exceptions
  • Providing flexible alternative policy options
  • Evaluating frequent transfer locations
  • Sharing current industry trends and tax & legal practices

Once your company’s relocation policy is established, you will receive the added benefit of ongoing support and policy management. What this means is your dedicated relocation specialist will review your policy annually, helping you make adjustments as needed.

Leaders in Domestic Relocation

To find out more about our U.S. domestic relocation services, give us a call. If you’d like to read how we have helped other organizations benefit from our relocation services, visit our testimonials page.

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