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Relocation Today possesses strong competencies in every aspect of global mobility. We will help you manage global moves with a high and precise degree of expertise! Relocation Today has provided services in 60+ countries through a strong network of quality assured providers, and our reach is rapidly growing. Today, we manage intra-country, inter-continental, and over seas moves—so let us guide your global program in the right direction!


Happy Assignees!

Global relocation is a specialty, and we successfully manage this while providing a customer experience described as “exceeding all expectations” by nearly 100% of our customers! Regardless of crossing over a North American border or moving overseas, Relocation Today’s Global Mobility team is dedicated to getting assignees productive in their host country with ease.

Global Services

Global Services

Partnering with Relocation Today means you can expect proactive thinking, innovative strategies, keen problem-solving skills, and fine-tuned processes, as we continually deliver the following services:

  • Benefits Counseling/Administration
  • Home Sale/Home Finding
  • Expenses Administration
  • International Wire Transfers
  • GEO & Global Mobility Strategy Consulting
  • Departure Services
  • Cost Estimates (without tax & COLA calculations)
  • School Search Assistance
  • Cost Projection (includes tax & COLA calculations)
  • School Placement Services
  • Immigration/Visa Services Area Orientation
  • Global Tax Services
  • Partner Career Support
  • COLA Reporting and Management
  • Auto Shipment
  • Cross-Cultural Training
  • Pet Shipment/Transport
  • Language Training
  • Allowance Distributions
  • Settling in Services
  • Auto Leasing
  • Household Goods Transport
  • Global Banking
  • Temporary Living
  • Customer Service
  • Travel Assistance
  • Airport Transfer
  • Car Rentals
  • Daily Chauffeur Services
  • Financial Services
  • Lease Break Assistance
  • Mortgage Assistance and Direct Bill (U.S. Inbound)
  • Rental Assistance
  • Ongoing Standard and Custom Reporting


Global Policy Development

Global Policy Development

With Worldwide Employee Relocation Council’s (WERC®) Global Mobility Specialist (GMS™) certification and experience under our belts, our team of relocation specialists are equipped to handle the many unique challenges presented by global moves and we will work to ensure that your policy complies with all federal and foreign tax requirements. You will enjoy the ease of having a customized global policy that seamlessly blends with your corporate culture, organizational structure, and reporting requirements. You will also have access to current relocation trends and tools, and the latest in tax and legal updates to ensure your policy is cost-effective and complaint. Agility allows Relocation Today to customize a policy based on any size, scope, level or type of international relocation.  Whether you are localizing your employee or looking to maintain a long-term assignment,  our industry knowledge will support and develop your program to fit your specific needs.

Top Global Relocation Services

If your company is currently managing global relocations, or you’re looking to expand your talent pool across international borders, let us help you assess and manage your current policy.

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