After months of dedicated efforts, EcoVadis has awarded Relocation Today a bronze medal in recognition of our sustainability achievement.

In an era where environmental consciousness and sustainable practices have become increasingly important, Relocation Today is striving to make a positive impact. Today, we are thrilled to share the exciting news of our recent achievement for demonstrating our dedication to environmental responsibility and ethical business practices.

EcoVadis is a globally recognized and trusted provider of sustainability ratings, evaluating companies’ environmental, social, and governance performance (ESG). Their comprehensive assessment framework assesses various criteria, including environmental impact, labor and human rights practices, fair business practices, and sustainable procurement. The rigorous evaluation process helps companies gauge their sustainability efforts and identify areas for improvement.

“While we are proud of our accomplishment, our efforts do not stop here! We will continue to do the necessary work towards improving our sustainability performance to achieve a gold medal” – Mary Lou Cohen, President and Co-Founder of Relocation Today

Commitment to Sustainability:

Relocation Today has long recognized the importance of sustainability and understands that relocation services can have a significant impact on the environment. Thus, will continue to take initiative-taking measures to minimize the ecological footprint of mobility. From transportation of goods to waste management, each aspect of our operations will be analyzed for opportunities to improve.

Supplier and Partner Collaboration:

Recognizing that sustainability extends beyond our own operations, we plan to collaborate with suppliers and clients who share our commitment to eco-friendly practices and responsible sourcing. By partnering to adopt sustainable measures, we will expand the positive impact together throughout our global network.

Employee Engagement and Social Responsibility:

An essential aspect of our sustainability strategy lies in dedication to the well-being and development of employees. Furthermore, we will continue to be active participants in community outreach programs, supporting local environmental initiatives and social causes.

Through these initiative-taking measures, we will continue to implement and integrate environmentally responsible practices into our operations, our global network, and employee engagement. As we celebrate receiving our bronze medal, we hope this serves as an inspiration for other organizations to embark on their sustainability paths, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.


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