Part Three: Business Travelers into the US

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There are a number of countries that expect an employer and/or employee to track and report business travel as a non-resident. Simply applying a “183 day” threshold is not going to work. Over the last couple months, we explored some of the rules related to business travelers into Canada and the UK. These countries are … Read More

Five Key Facts Companies Should Know Before Sending Employees Abroad August 29, 2019

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Author:  Kristie Moon, Manager in GTN’s West Central Region Your Company May Need Additional Help with Tax Compliance Your accounting department may work well for your company’s current domestic operations, but it may lack the expertise or resources to address the payroll reporting, tax payment, and mobility tax issues that can arise when sending employees … Read More

GTN – A Look Into Business Travelers – Canada, the UK, & the US – Part 1 August 2019

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David Livitt, Director/National Practice Leader, Business Traveler Services GTN Atlantic phone: +1.646.915.3301 | email: A three-part series on business travelers – dispelling the 183-day myth If you manage the business travelers for your company, you have likely seen articles and blogs about the trends of managing business traveler risks. While these articles tend to focus on … Read More

Communicating Tax Matters to Your Mobile Employees – GTN Newsletter June 2019

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Mark Tirpak, Managing Director GTN South phone: +1.713.244.5020 | email: Let’s face it, many people find taxes to be intimidating—why else would so many people procrastinate for so long when it comes to filing their taxes? The issue is even more pronounced when taxpayers are dealing with multiple taxing jurisdictions. Providing effective communications to … Read More