Today, business leaders can communicate and collaborate with employees from around the globe, thus widening the corporate talent pool to reach new geo-locations. 

The benefits of international mobility programs include:

  • Recruiting individuals with the right skill sets to increase efficiency
  • Having the flexibility to relocate executives to other regions across the globe to open new site locations and/or expand current operations
  • Providing unique opportunities for job development within your organization that allows employees to advance their careers and utilize their individual experience to help grow your company 

However, for employees, the prospect of relocating to a new country—as exciting as it may be—can stir up a mix of emotions.

Successfully Overcoming Language Barriers

Moving involves unique challenges, such as selling/buying a home, filing for temporary (or permanent) citizenship, taxes, and potential cultural and language barriers. However, living in a foreign region, surrounded by different cultures, values, and behaviors, can be overwhelming. 

Struggling to communicate with others in your community, especially at your job site, can affect operations. It can also increase the time it takes for employees to settle into their new environment.

So, What Are Your Options?

Cultural and language training for employee relocations can provide numerous benefits for your team.

Relocation Today has helped organizations implement powerful language learning tools into their relocation packages. We partner with best-in-class suppliers who stay updated on new advances in e-learning techniques. And their programs are designed to be effective and speed up the learning curve.

Customized programs can include various levels of benefits, including: 

  • Self e-learning sessions
  • Video conferencing
  • Online courses
  • In-person tutoring 

All of which are available to employees and their families.

Benefits of Cultural & Global Language Training

At Relocation Today, we aim to give your employees the tools they need to feel confident in their new communities. In turn, you and international employees can expect the following benefits:

  • Productivity: Employees who cannot communicate with their new team may feel disconnected and isolated. The result is stress and depression, which can affect operations. 

Equipping your team with global language learning will streamline their transition and allow them to connect and lead your international teams.

  • Understanding: All countries, even the United States, follow different norms ranging from informal vs. formal greetings to physical gestures and other communicative habits we take for granted. 

Cultural and global language training programs include essential information on cultural expectations to ensure employees have an easier time fitting in and creating positive connections with neighbors and colleagues.

  • Engagement: Being concerned about making connections at the office is one challenge, but worrying about your children not fitting in may be a significant concern for your employees. But it’s one we can help alleviate.

Cultural & language training courses and services are readily available and recommended to support your employees and their families. We can equip the entire family with the necessary tools to feel comfortable meeting new people and creating a routine. 

If your international mobility program does not include cultural & global language learning, or your current approach to training is outdated, we can help!

Connect with Relocation Today

Our team will work with you to design a program that equips your employees and their families with tools and instruction to build their communication skills on their schedules. Contact us for a consultation to learn more about this essential service and how we can help.

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