Sometimes, it’s necessary for an entire group of employees to relocate from one location to another. Reasons can vary from business mergers and acquisitions to consolidating offices or expanding locations across the country.

Group moves, can be particular challenging. Bringing in a relocation management company from the beginning can often make the difference. Having this expertise ahead of time can help execute a smooth transition to the new location.  

Not doing so often results in a poor acceptance rate, much confusion and frustration and an overall unsuccessful move. 

If your business is planning an upcoming group move, enlisting the guidance of a company that specializes in employee relocation services can help streamline the process and keep operations on schedule—not to mention employees happy!

Common Group Relocation Challenges 

Three of the most common challenges that companies experience while embarking on a group move are organization, communication, and budgeting.

These obstacles can often lead to:

  • A lack of clear objectives from the beginning
  • Not utilizing outside resources
  • Hiring non-qualified suppliers
  • Business disruption
  • Budget overruns, due to inaccessible or unreliable cost estimates
  • Losing talent due to frustration 

Best Practices for a Group Relocation 

At Relocation Today, our team will work closely with your team to ensure your group move is as efficient and stress-free as possible. 

Here’s a brief overview of best practices we offer and will help you incorporate into your relocation plan when you hire us to manage your group relocation:

Customizing Relocation Program 

If you already manage a relocation program, our team will review your current policy and provide professional consulting support to ensure you are providing the right set of benefits specific to your group move.

Being a Resource Extraordinaire 

We’ll help your company feel confident before going into any group move by providing cost of living reports, estimated move costs, thoroughly researching of destination and departure locations, communicating benefits to your employees and being available to them for all questions.  If desired, we will establish and coordinate area group tours, and “townhall” meetings and be your ambassador to generate excitement and enthusiasm about the move.

For your employees, their designated relocation consultant will be an advocate and point of contact, who will help navigate and coordinate every logistic (e.g., transport household goods, selling a home, finding a new one, etc.)  They will set up direct payments for expenses whenever possible and quickly reimburse for unavoidable out of pocket expenses. They will be with them every step of the way.

Both employees and your team will know what’s next and who to contact if they have a question or concern. They will be supported and guided throughout every step of the move.

Improving Supplier Selection

You’ll immediately have access to a host of professional suppliers who will assist in the moving process. Our partner networks are made up of engaging, high-quality suppliers who consistently deliver best-in-class services and understand the nuances of working with transferring employees.

Need Help Planning Group Relocations?

As leaders in employee relocation services, our team ensures innovative solutions that are always customized to your company and employees’ needs—no matter where they’re headed next! 

Contact us today to request a consultation. We look forward to working with your team!