If you’re an employee—and homeowner—relocating for a job opportunity, the idea of selling your current home above market price may have you thrilled. However, the thought of relocating to a new community and starting the home-buying process all over again can be daunting. 

In contrast, if you’re an employer trying to coordinate individual or group moves, this hot seller’s market is making the task of relocating employees another logistical, as well as financial, hurdle to overcome.

The Housing Market Today

Historically speaking, the ongoing housing boom is an anomaly. Over the past two years, U.S. home prices have soared 34.4%—including 19.8% over the past 12 months. For perspective, home prices have risen on average 4.6% per year since 1987.

Though experts predict the housing market will start to slow down, due to rising mortgage rates, your business needs to keep moving forward, which means you can’t afford to wait it out. 

Tips for Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

Below we’ve listed a few best practices for starting the process of looking at homes in today’s housing marketing.

  • Find an experienced real estate agent (expert in the area): It’s true that agents all over the country admit they’ve never seen a seller’s market like this before. Nevertheless, experienced agents know their communities well and can provide you with honest insight to help you understand your options and know when to make an offer.
  • Interview reputable lenders: In addition to choosing the right agent, be sure you’re looking at different lenders to gauge their experience and ensure they’re reliable, professional, and that you agree to the terms of their contract. 
  • Stay flexible: Housing markets fluctuate, so try to stay flexible and adaptable. 

How Can a Relocation Team Help?

Did you know that relocation specialists like Relocation Today help companies plan the logistics of employee moves across the country and globe? This includes streamlining the home buying and selling process and securing temporary housing, as needed.

Here’s a snapshot of a few benefits you can expect:

Experienced Real Estate Agents

When you hire Relocation Today, you’ll have access to a vast network of real estate agents who can provide assistance to employees who want to buy and sell a home at the same time.

Our team will refer experienced local real estate agents in both the departure and destination locations. Listing Agents who know the area and can help employees get their home ready to sell, and get it listed correctly on the market Home Finding Agents that will provide insight to various communities. They will work to identify homes that meet their specific needs and interests and support them all the way through the closing.

Reputable Lenders

We have relationships with national lenders that can provide top rate service to your employees. Lenders that understand the nuances of relocation and can help streamline the buying and lending process.

Coordinated Moving Services

Additional moving services may be needed, and if so, our relocation specialists can help coordinate. This type of additional support will minimize the stress of moving and ensure your employees stay productive during their move.

This will also provide your company with a competitive advantage, as well, ensuring you attract the best quality candidates out there.

Round-the-Clock Support

In addition to setting up employees with the best local and national service providers, we will designate a single-point-of-contact for each individual. This means throughout their relocation journey, each employee has a dedicated counselor to help navigate the details, small and large, to ensure their relocation is a success.

Relocation When & Where You Need It

Ready to remove the stress from your employee, free up your Human Resource (HR) department’s time, and keep everything on schedule and on budget? To learn more about how our relocation specialists can help, contact us for a consultation today! 

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