Relocating employees across the country—or maybe around the globe? It’s fair to say you’ll experience some challenges along the way.

Moving Trends: 2021 – Now

Just last year, it was reported that 71% of moving companies experienced significant delays that far exceeded their normal peak season. On top of that, many of these same companies continue to experience a shortage of drivers (67%), and moving trucks, to meet the increasingly growing demand of business and families looking to relocate to different U.S. cities. 

Unfortunately, this shortage doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon:

“According to the ATA’s driver shortage analysis, the U.S. is short 60,000 truck drivers – a number expected to surge to 174,000 by 2026,” (Armbruster). 

Pair this with 2022’s rising gas prices, which is expected to continue—as we near the summer months when travel is high and temperatures are even higher—and the already stressful task of relocating an employee can start to look like mission impossible. 

Relocating Efficiently in 2022

Though travel continues to be an area of unpredictability, especially when employees plan to relocate to a new area, there are still a few ways to simplify relocating to help them stay prepared and avoid unnecessary hassle along the way.

Below, we’ve compiled a helpful checklist to assist with the planning of your employee relocation.

Plan Early

This piece of advice has never been more important than it is today. Planning ahead is always a smart idea, but with the aforementioned truck and labor shortages, it’s now a necessity. 

As soon as you can, make sure to work with your relocation company to contact moving companies and compare services, availability, and pricing. Put it in the back of your mind that you’ll likely need to pay a higher price tag for these services, as a recent survey revealed that 76% of moving companies are now charging more than in previous years.

Reserve Your Moving Date

Once you’ve decided on a moving company, be sure to promptly reserve your service and preferred moving date. Be sure to understand your agreement with the service provider, insurance valuation, pack and load dates, your delivery spread dates, if any storage in transit is included, and if you are renting any equipment, how long you will have it for.

The To-Do List

Now that you have the moving date set, create a to-do list to ensure you (and your employees) are ready for the big day. 

This list should include:

  • The supplies you’ll need for packing up belongings—just as you’ll need to book the truck early, you’ll also want to reserve any equipment needed for the move right away (e.g., two-wheel dollies, furniture pads, moving tape, etc.).
  • What belongings will need to be transported, put in storage, or sold/donated, recycled, etc.
  • Services and subscriptions to cancel/or redirect to the new address.
  • When to submit a change of address to the USPS
  • When to change addresses on personal accounts, etc.

Stay Organized

Be sure to keep all important paperwork (e.g., social security cards, birth certificates, titles, financial records, etc.) in a safe place and remember to have any items you may need to access at a moment’s notice in a secure location. 

Check in Along the Way

Though most moving companies will call you before the moving date, it’s a good idea to set reminders on your calendar to call and confirm the date and time of your move. 

Have a Contingency Plan

The truth is no matter how well prepared we try to be, when life throws curveballs, it can easily set us off balance.

For instance, if belongings are getting shipped to a different state, and employees are planning to fly vs. drive the distance, have a good idea of where they can stay the night, should the flight get canceled or delayed. This is especially true if employees need to catch a connecting flight.

In addition to the moving industry, airlines are also feeling the brunt of labor shortages, which is creating an increase in last-minute flight cancellations.  

If employees are traveling by car or bus, be sure to understand the travel partner’s insurance benefits, including roadside assistance in the event that there is car trouble, or collision coverage if the moving truck gets into an accident on the way to its destination.

Be sure you have all moving contacts saved in your phone, so you can access and call each person at a moment’s notice—should flights get delayed or travel plans need to be changed at the last minute. 

Be Flexible

This is another good piece of advice. Though planning ahead and creating a checklist is important, you do need to remember that certain things are out of your control. 

Try to remain calm and be flexible, as there is usually an alternative option to solve most problems. 

How Relocation Today Can Help!

Though this checklist provides tips that may help streamline your move, there’s a lot of planning and problem-solving involved in the process. If you’d rather leave these important details to the professionals, Relocation Today can help you get your employees relocated efficiently and effectively. 

Know you can trust the experts in corporate relocation management. Whether you’re moving individuals, or you’re moving a group of employees from one place to the next, our team is committed to keeping everyone headed in the right direction, regardless of any obstacles that may arise along the way.

From our vetted network of moving vendors that offer competitive rates and services to our single-points-of-contact that help manage all the intricate details of the moving process, you can count on us to contain costs, keep relocations on schedule, and be sure employees have a great experience along the way.

At Relocation Today, we pride ourselves on removing the hassle and “what if” out of relocating. That means you can focus on the road ahead, while we make sure your employees get there safely, affordably, and without delay. 

To learn more about our relocation management services, contact us today for a consultation! 

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