Transferring an employee across the country or internationally can be a major undertaking. This is especially true if the department responsible for coordinating the logistics is already busy performing essential duties for your company. 

Hiring a relocation management company can help simplify and expedite the moving process—not to mention save you and your employees time, headaches, and unnecessary costs. 

Relocation Services Help Cut Stress & Costs for Your Employees 

One of the most stressful components of any move, besides the scheduling and physical labor involved, is the cost to relocate. Whether hiring movers, buying or renting a new home, managing travel, registering vehicles, updating state ID’s, expenses associated with a move start to add up quickly. 

At Relocation Today, we help keep employee relocation costs under control and on budget with cost-effective solutions.  In addition, we can reduce the need for out-of-pocket expenses and unexpected costs. 

Below are three benefits you can expect when hiring Relocation Today to manage your employee relocations:

1. Lump Sum & Expense Management

A major concern for many relocating employees is not receiving their company-administered lump sum payment(s) until after they begin a new position. To relieve them of the added stress of paying out-of-pocket, Relocation Today provides the following solutions for Lump Sum Management and Expense Management:

  • EARLY DISTRIBUTION, via check, ACH or wire, sent directly to the employee.
  • CAPPED AMOUNT, administered by Relocation Today, to help with budgeting and spending.
  • EXPENSE TRACKING to categorize and track every expense, to remain IRS-compliant.

2. Supplier Management

From moving vans and storage units to mortgage lenders and everything in-between, Relocation Today utilizes its strong partnerships with both local and national suppliers to help your employees get the best service and value when moving into a new area.

Whether serving a corporate relocation or self-guided individual transfer, our relocation services minimize costs by:

  • Providing quality vetted suppliers around the globe
  • Reducing Out-of-Pocket Expenses for the employee.
  • Strongly negotiated rates and discounts

3. Comprehensive Employee Support

Having access to the best moving tools, resources, and support is essential to the success of any relocation. When you work with Relocation Today, your employees are assigned a single point of contact to help coordinate the logistics of their move, answer their questions, and ensure everything stays on schedule and on budget. 

Here are a few of the services that can be included in relocation policies or benefits: 

  • Home Listing and Home Buying Support
  • Rental Assistance
  • Temporary Housing
  • Mortgage Assistance
  • Relocation Travel Coordination
  • Spousal Employment & Family Support
  • Van Line Coordination
  • Self-Move Household Goods Transport Support
  • Storage 
  • Transporting Pets
  • Lease-Breaking Assistance
  • Tax Consultation 

Our administration of these services are designed to provide a positive experience for your employees, from beginning to end. We believe this allows them the opportunity to settle into their new communities faster.

Need Support for Your Employee Relocations?

With nearly three decades in the relocation industry, Relocation Today has the tools, experience and processes to keep each employee transfer cost efficient and on schedule. 

To get started, or learn how we can help your company design a competitive relocation plan, contact us today for a consultation!

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