Travel Restrictions and quarantine issues have forced the global workforce into an increase in remote work and dependence on virtual meeting tools. With restrictions easing, global mobility is expected to rebound and continue to expand. The need for a relocation provider to manage international assignments, executive relocation, and global moves continues to grow.

There are multiple issues that you may encounter while managing employee relocation. Below, we review a few scenarios that can occur and why hiring a relocation management company that specializes in global moves will ease the transition for everyone.

Paying Suppliers Internationally

An international move can quickly become complicated by the number of services and suppliers involved in the process that span across borders and continents.

An international relocation service provider will ease the burden and keep costs to a minimum by comprehensively locating, communicating with, and managing payments for the best vendors available. From legal issues, to moving-day logistics, to cultural services, a relocation service provider will help strategize and customize the following:

  • Destination Services
  • Relocation Travel Assistance
  • Immigration/visa services
  • School search assistance
  • Household goods transport
  • Cross Cultural & Language training
  • International Tax
  • Global banking, Airport transfers, and much more.

Managing Global Payroll & Taxes 

Two crucial legal issues for employers during an international move are maintaining employee records and compliance with global payroll and taxes. A relocation company helps companies eliminate compliance issues and do business abroad by introducing the employer to a Global Employment Outsourcing (GEO) partner to develop strategy and tax planning to:

  • Maintain compliance with foreign governments.
  • Get payroll figures right for salaried, temp, or contract employees.
  • Maintain accuracy with currency differences & taxes.
  • Stay proactive about processing errors.
  • Maintain compliance with local tax regulations.
  • Manage out-of-scope expenses, like reconciling forms, extension filings & amendments.
  • Collect tax equalization payments.

Custom Approach & Smooth Transition

Global relocation experts provide comprehensive guidance for global employee relocations, and to act as an extension of your HR or Talent Acquisition team.

By covering all bases through every step of the process, a relocation service provider will:

  • Take stress of logistics and planning off the employer by developing global benefits and policies customized for each company.
  • Ensure that the employee has an advocate and feels prepared.
  • Efficiently and effectively relocate employees to their new location, so they are able to start transitioning into their new role vs. needing to focus on the abundance of move details.

An international move is a huge life change, and global relocation services are dedicated to keeping the transition as smooth as possible.

Need Assistance with a Global Move? 

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