Want to find more quality candidates? You may consider expanding your current talent pool from beyond your local area. And you can do this by providing professional relocation services to long-distance candidates.

Offering relocation benefits to both new and existing employees helps demonstrate that you value their contributions and are willing to invest in their future success. This will immediately distinguish you from competitors.

At Relocation Today, our team is committed to offering businesses across the country the best recruiting support services and corporate relocation services available. These range from helping you develop a comprehensive relocation program that fits your company’s needs and culture to streamlining your employee’s moving and relocation process—for both domestic and international moves. 

How a Relocation Management Company Can Help

With businesses having an increase in requisitions and a less talent to draw from, HR and talent acquisition teams are challenged with finding skilled professionals to immediately fill positions.

Partnering with a relocation management company, like Relocation Today, can help your business attract and retain skilled workers, while ensuring they feel supported every step of the way.

How We Help

One of the most stressful life events is moving your entire family. This means a new home, new school, and new community. Now, imagine having the moving process taken care of by experts. This will not only minimize the stress and disruption your employee will face, but it also allows them the freedom to focus on their new professional role—thus enhancing productivity for your company.

At Relocation Today, we’ll help you attract employees by offering:

  • Customized collateral materials outlining the value of relocation benefits, with insight into the process of a corporate move. 
  • Pre-decision benefits including candidate counseling, real estate assessment & coordination of a city tour for the final interview.
  • A proactive approach to addressing employee’s specific needs, avoiding potential pit falls and providing a smooth transition for the employee and their family.

Your employees will also enjoy the following benefits:

  • An advocate in their relocation consultant who will guide them throughout the moving process.
  • An ala carte relocation service offering or a defined benefits package with clear transparency about options for:
    • Expense management;
    • Home sale & purchase coverage;
    • Lease Break & Rental support;
    • Household goods & vehicle shipment;
    • Temporary housing;
    • Spousal job search support;
    • School search support;
    • Language & cultural services;
    • Settling-in Services
    • Tax assistance coverage &
    • Final move support, etc.

Additional benefits you can expect from our relocation company:

  • Minimizing stress and disruption to transferee’s work role and personal life
  • Managing and overseeing expenses efficiently and effectively
  • Minimizing financial impact to the transferee
  • Sustaining your workforce for the long haul, minimizing turnover

Ready to Meet Our Relocation Specialists?

With nearly 30 years of experience in both domestic and international corporate relocation services, Relocation Today can help streamline your next employee transfer—taking the burden of moving off both the relocating employee and you, the employer. To learn more about how we can help you get started with the process, request a consultation today.

Already have a relocation policy? Our relocation consultants can help you review your current program to ensure it’s working to attract quality candidates and will make appropriate adjustments to ensure it benefits your company’s future.

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