These days companies are looking for more ways to reduce their carbon footprint and go green! If sustainability is among your many business goals this year, why not make your relocation program a part of this same effort.

You might stop and wonder what we mean by sustainable relocation practices. After all, installing commercial solar panels or switching to reusable materials in the office is one way to go green, but how can you introduce environmentally friendly policies into your relocation program? 

At Relocation Today, we’ll help you improve your current policies so they stay competitive and complement your company’s core values. We’ll also make sure your policy aligns well with current trends and mobility practices. 

So, that means, as the world continues to gravitate toward more sustainable practices that are better for the environment, we’ll continue to tailor our services to meet this growing demand through our domestic and global mobility services. 

3 Sustainable Business Practices

Below are just a few ways we can help your company minimize its environmental impact with each relocation.

Vendors Committed to Sustainability

One of the many advantages we offer our clients is direct access to a leading network of preferred suppliers.  In addition to carefully vetting companies to find the best service, price, and customer support, we inquire about their sustainability efforts.  For instance, certain moving companies offer reusable bins, boxes, and other recyclable supplies. This helps reduce waste during the moving process.

Streamlined Moving Process

One of the many differentiators Relocation Today has been that each employee has an Account Manager who helps them strategically manage their benefits.  From a sustainability perspective, being consciousness of the travel that can take place (home finding, return trips, final move and others), shipping a car vs. driving a car, storage in departure vs. destination location, and other areas of relocating, all of these areas can help you keep your “green” goals front and center.

Paperless Solutions

Dealing with physical files or hard copies that waste paper, space, and often get lost? We have secure data storage solutions to keep your employees’ data and information in a safe easy-to-use web portal platform.

Both your Human Resource departments and employees will benefit from access to real-time data. Transferees are able to submit and monitor their expenses, too—all while staying connected to our team throughout the relocation process.

We offer both a Relocation Today mobile app and NaviGo digital platform to help you stay organized with less waste!

Additional Impact  

There are many more ways that companies and individuals can create sustainability during their relocation. From discard and donate programs, donating non-perishable food items that are typically thrown out, finding local recycling programs—both in departure and destination locations—digital closings, digital signatures, renting electric vehicles, or using public transportation, are all things that can bring you one step closer to becoming more sustainable.

Helping You Create a Sustainable Future—One Relocation at a Time!

To learn other ways our products and services are working toward a brighter tomorrow, contact our experts for a consultation! We’ll review your current policy and help you identify sustainable practices to improve your next relocation.

Contact us today to get started!

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