Sustainable Relocation Practices

March 4, 2022By Richard RudeenRelocation Blog Posts

These days companies are looking for more ways to reduce their carbon footprint and go green! If sustainability is among your many business goals this year, why not make your relocation program a part of this same effort. You might stop and wonder what we mean by sustainable relocation practices. After all, installing commercial solar … Read More

Evaluating Your Current Relocation Program

March 1, 2022By Richard RudeenRelocation Blog Posts

You review global market trends, your company’s financial growth, and even employee performances each year, so why not take the time to evaluate your current relocation policy, as well? The truth is that even with the most flexible relocation program, it’s best practice to revisit your policy annually. This way you can ensure it always … Read More

Planning Group Moves

November 1, 2021By Richard RudeenRelocation Blog Posts

Sometimes, it’s necessary for an entire group of employees to relocate from one location to another. Reasons can vary from business mergers and acquisitions to consolidating offices or expanding locations across the country. Group moves, can be particular challenging. Bringing in a relocation management company from the beginning can often make the difference. Having this … Read More

Executive Relocation Services

October 25, 2021By Richard RudeenRelocation Blog Posts

Whether relocating domestically or internationally, executive relocation often presents unique needs and challenges.  A professional relocation service works to support executives, their families’ needs, as well as your organization. Knowing that higher expectations are anticipated, at Relocation Today, we deliver first-class relocation services ensuring your executive a seamless experience.  We consistently deliver this by anticipating … Read More

Recruit Top Talent by Offering Relocation Benefits

October 15, 2021By Richard RudeenRelocation Blog Posts

Want to find more quality candidates? You may consider expanding your current talent pool from beyond your local area. And you can do this by providing professional relocation services to long-distance candidates. Offering relocation benefits to both new and existing employees helps demonstrate that you value their contributions and are willing to invest in their … Read More

Why To Use Relocation Service Providers

September 14, 2021By Richard RudeenRelocation Blog Posts

Travel Restrictions and quarantine issues have forced the global workforce into an increase in remote work and dependence on virtual meeting tools. With restrictions easing, global mobility is expected to rebound and continue to expand. The need for a relocation provider to manage international assignments, executive relocation, and global moves continues to grow. There are … Read More

Managing Employee Relocation Costs

July 28, 2021By Richard RudeenRelocation Blog Posts

Transferring an employee across the country or internationally can be a major undertaking. This is especially true if the department responsible for coordinating the logistics is already busy performing essential duties for your company.  Hiring a relocation management company can help simplify and expedite the moving process—not to mention save you and your employees time, … Read More